Important Product Guidelines

processing guidelines:
Please ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are dry and free of dust, stripping agents or grease. Certain substances contained in the substrates to be bonded, such as stearates and softening agents, can affect the performance of the adhesive.

chemical stability of hotmelt / cracking / gelification
If the hotmelt stays too long in the applicator / hotmelt tank or has been heated up too high, the chemical stability can be affected.

chemical resistance of hot-melt adhesives / cracking
If the hot-melt adhesive remains in the applicator / hot-melt adhesive tank unit for too long or if the hot-melt adhesive has been over-heated, its chemical resistance may be impaired.

necessary suitability tests by the user
It is imperative that users themselves check the adhesives supplied by us for suitability to their specific situation. Users are urged to carry out such checks when selecting and using this product for the first time and whenever using the product after changes have been made to the user’s production processes.

We also advise new customers that it is paramount that the adhesives we supply be checked using original parts under actual operating conditions to ensure suitability. In addition, any bonds or bonded joints created by using our adhesives should be exposed to the actual conditions they will be used in and checked for suitability. Again, this suitability test by the users themselves is imperative.

The information contained in our Technical Datasheets and on our web pages is based on insights gained through tests carried out by ourselves as well as actual use in the field. Any such information does not constitute a warranty of quality (Beschaffenheitsgarantie) within the meaning of the German Civil Code (“BGB”). This information or any technical advice given by us will not give rise to any liability.

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